About the work

Most of the work on this website has been produced by both hand-made and digital techniques.

I've been thinking about how I got to this point.  I first spent time learning to use Photoshop to edit photos then got into watching YouTube videos on gel printing, drypoint printing, monoprints, monotypes and working with acrylic paints. 

I found I was loving just printing and using acrylic techniques to create textures and colours but didn't know what to do with the finished papers. I didn't want to do fiddly, detailed collage and felt I wanted to blend the edges. 

Finally, I put two and two together and realised I could scan the textured papers, then layer them up and 'paint' with them in Photoshop and Procreate, so getting the best of both worlds.  

With regard to subject - I have two quite different loves. For one, I enjoy depicting landscapes and wildlife using texture, layers and lines alongside organic forms and I am interested by the paths and connections between places. These are the elements that make up the tapestry of our natural environment; I have always felt at home in the natural world and am a great believer in the power of nature to improve our health. 



On the other hand, I also enjoy a more fun and abstract approach with either organic or geometric forms and patterns. The colour-ways can be bold, or subtle, peaceful or energetic.  I haven't really got any such work on this website yet, although the botanical designs are a half-way house, but I don't want to restrict myself from developing this idea in future. 

I think it is a strong design aesthetic that is the common thread that defines my style - the colour palette, the contrasts, the composition, the rhythm and the way I try to lead the eye around the work. 

If you are interested in the gel plate and other printing/texture-making techniques - I have finally plucked up the courage to produce some YouTube videos and have run some workshops lately. I am still in cave-woman territory with regard to filming my work and am climbing a steep learning curve but I am quickly improving both my filming, delivery and editing so hopefully the videos will become more instructional and useful to learners in the near future! 


I use two well-established UK companies to print my products:

The giclée prints are printed professionally by a successful fine art printing company using specialist papers and pigment inks which are designed to last. They are printed to order and sent to me- I then check them, sign them and wrap them with care before posting to you. 

Homeware and accessories products are fulfilled and shipped directly to you by another well-established UK print company who do a great job of printing my designs on carefully selected products (cushions and coasters at the moment).

My cards  are printed by another fine art printing company.  I love the quality of their printing. 

I intend to expand the range of products in future so keep checking back, or you can leave me your email (on the home page) so I can let you know of any developments. 


All artwork on this site is © Barbara Jane Lewis.